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Farmworx provide property maintenance and farm consulting services in and around the South West rural areas

How We Can Help?

Whether it is a vacant block or a well-established farm there can be many reasons to need to undertake further development and improvement of a property.

Clients need to be aware that many of the services listed below would require Shire or other Government Department approvals.

Our Services Includes:

  1. Land clearing
  2. Trenching
  3. Road construction
  4. Drainage
  5. Dam excavation and construction
  6. Firebreaks
  7. Vineyard Trellising
  8. Bird Net structures
  9. Soil and water analysis
  10. Farm & Property Fencing
  • Land clearing
  • Trenching
  • Road construction
  • Drainage
  • Dam excavation and construction
  • Firebreaks
  • Farm & Property Fencing

Do you want to plant a vegetable garden? An herb garden? A flower garden? If you choose vegetables and/or herbs for their contributions to your dinner table, identify which ones your family will eat or is willing to try. If you want flowers for their flair, color, and fragrance, decide whether you want annuals that bloom most of the summer but need to be replanted each spring or perennials that have a shorter bloom time but return year after year.

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