Farm Fencing & Rural Property Fencing

Farmworx provide property maintenance and farm consulting services in and around the South West rural areas

How We Can Help?

Farmworx assist with all types of rural property fencing and farm fencing.  We can provide a complete property fencing service including planning, costing, supply and installation of farm and property fencing.

Well planned and properly designed fences are an essential part of rural property infrastructure. Land owners have a legal obligation to fence their properties and fencing must adhere to local government regulations and recommendations.

The type of fence design and construction will also depend on the purpose and type of animals needed to be kept in, or sometimes more importantly, kept out.

Farmworx design and supply all types of:

  1. Cattle fencing
  2. Kangaroo Fencing
  3. Sheep fencing
  4. Horse fencing
  5. Boundary fencing
  6. Specialising in electric fencing

Maintenance of Farm & Rural Property Fencing

Checking and maintaining your property fencing is important in keeping your livestock safe and your neighbors happy. Farmworx supply fence maintenance services throughout the South West of WA.

We will check all fence lines, repair or replace rotting or damaged posts and check all gates to insure they are secure and latching properly.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can be of help.

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