Rural Property Maintenance

Farmworx provide property maintenance and farm consulting services in and around the South West rural areas

How We Can Help?

FarmWorx provide a variety of rural and farm property maintenance services. These are typically on-going services where our Clients can select a level of maintenance that suits their needs.

Maintenance will substantially increase the value of your rural property, make it a safe living and working environment and also importantly, make it aesthetic.

Our Services Includes:

  1. Clearing vegetation
  2. Mowing and slashing
  3. Hay cutting and baling
  4. Tree pruning and felling
  5. Tree planting
  6. Fence maintenance including electric fencing
  7. Road maintenance
  8. Firebreaks
  9. Herbicide spraying
  10. Insecticide / Pesticide spraying
  11. Caretaking properties
  12. Regular scheduled visits to check on properties

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