FarmWorx’s commitment is reinforced by our substantial experience in corporate and project management, service delivery and strong agricultural expertise.

Tree Planting – South West, WA

Proper planning is important when planting new trees or re-foresting an area of land. The right mix of tree seedlings and planting locations will be important to the success of your project.

Conservation and Environmental

We at FarmWorx believe it is essential to treat the land with care and always bear in mind the future generations.

Solar Pumps South West WA

Solar pumps are an environmentally friendly and highly cost effective method for pumping water for both livestock and agriculture water supply.

Water Solutions

Fresh water is one of the world’s most critical resources and FarmWorx is focused on providing services that utilise water in the most efficient manner possible.

Windmills & Windmill Repairs

Windmills are an ideal solution for pumping water, virtually any distance and height with no energy cost.

Herbicide Spraying – South West WA

Framworx provide herbicide spraying services in and around the South West region of Western Australia.

Pesticide Spraying South West WA

Farmworx can assist with pesticide requirement assessments, treatment planning and spraying service supply.

Crop Management

Due to the relatively small farm size in the South West corner broad acre crops are primarily grown to supplement a broader farm production strategy (i.e. grains for beef production).

Pasture Preparation South West WA

The key to establishing a successful pasture is in the planning and preparation stage. Whether you are establishing a new pasture or re-vitalising existing pasture land, Farmworx can help.

Kangaroo Fencing WA

Farmworx provide a complete property fencing service including planning, costing, supply and installation of vermin and kangaroo fencing.

Livestock & Cattle Management

Our South West region is ideal for rearing the typical cross section of cattle and farm animals. Our services cover all aspects of animal husbandry.

Rural Property Maintenance

FarmWorx provide a variety of rural and farm property maintenance services. These are typically on-going services where our Clients can select a level of maintenance that suits their needs.

Fire Breaks – South West WA

Maintaining well planned fire breaks within and around your property is vital for the protection of your assets and livestock.

Farm Fencing & Rural Property Fencing

Farmworx assist with all types of rural property fencing and farm fencing. We can provide a complete property fencing service including planning, costing, supply and installation of farm and property fencing.

Farm & Rural Property Improvements

Whether it is a vacant block or a well-established farm there can be many reasons to need to undertake further development and improvement of a property.

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