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Farmworx provide property maintenance and farm consulting services in and around the South West rural areas

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Farmworx design, sell and service solar water pump solutions for the South West region of WA.

Solar pumps are an environmentally friendly and highly cost effective method for pumping water for both livestock and agriculture water supply. Our solar pump solutions can be designed to transfer a wide range of volumes per day that should meet most requirements.

Solar water pumps can be used to lift water from bores as deep as 240 metres and can be used as part of farm reticulation systems. Solar pumps can also be used to transfer water from dams, lakes, rivers, storage tanks and to transport water to livestock troughs around the property at set times.

All our products and parts are backed by our manufacturer trained technicians who are able to install, repair and service all types of solar water pumps in and around the South West, WA region.

If you are looking for experienced technicians for the installation, servicing or repair of your solar pumping system, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat about your requirements.

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